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Can outsourcing help with asset surveying?

Question should be where can outsourcing help with asset surveying. Fact is the Philippines is the number oneĀ  for BPO (business processing outsourcing) currently on the planet.

Its not going to change anytime soon and in fact when I am not working as an asset surveyor I live out in the Philippines myself. Part of that has made me look at the outsourcing industry myself as a viable assistance to asset surveying.

Its not a case of taking jobs from the UK but adding a Swiss army knife of skills to the mix that are often difficult to get on short-term contracts due to the intensive training needed to teach people to do things like processing the data gathered.

Its why I started my own Philippines outsourcing business not only for others but also means that I can feed work back to my office from abroad. The staff I have are trained in Excel and data entry. They have learned the abbreviations and adaptable to poor hand writing and other problems that often occur when surveyors send data back in to an office.

How the system works is that a surveyor completes his day of data gathering, scans the documents and its emailed to the Philippines. The guys in the Philippines then work while the surveyors sleep due to the time difference. By the time the surveyors are awake yesterdays work is already processed and in their email inbox in Excel format.

Surprisingly simple but also a great way to save money on asset data collection as your fully aware of how much data has been gathered per day and just as importantly it can be analysed for mistakes daily.