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Currently seeking FM Management role.

Matt Wilkie - Interim FM ManagerWith over 22 years in Engineering and maintenance I am currently seeking a new challenging role. Although currently employed full-time my current role doesn’t have the flexibility I require for my weekly commute.

I have recently moved my family from the Philippines to Spain to allow me to be with them more often. With Murcia and Alicante Airport not only having regular flights to the UK but also to multiple UK destinations, I was hoping the flexibility within my current contract would have been flexible enough to offer vision of upcoming work to pre-program and pre-book flights. As currently we work nationwide but often contracts are for months at a time. Right now though I haven’t got this visibility and as such has given me the opportunity to seek out employment elsewhere.

Ideally I am seeking a role that can be regional or nationwide. But does require me to be back to an international airport on Fridays for the commute to Spain. Although I am flexible in my working and as such normally accumulate over 50+ hours in a normal week not including travel. Traveling to Scotland last year would add another 12 hours to that 50 hour total.

If your looking for an experienced FM Manager who has worked on and operated at a national level, as well as managing asset survey teams internationally. With a strong engineering background and hard services then please get in touch.

For a full breakdown on my work history please visit my LinkedIn profile via the link below.


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Free Facilities Management Training

Free Facilities Management training

I am a strong believer in investing in education, but also I believe if you can’t get the company to invest you should invest in yourself. In this case its Facilities Management training courses which could be extremely valuable to your career path.

Is it real you may wonder well I am about to start a course that is normally valued at £1,500 which has come completely funded. This isn’t going against the grain with my current company as they have invested in other training and membership I have undertaken this year. But would say getting on courses like the BIFM ones may often be overlooked within many businesses due to the costs involved. Yet I have managed to get my course fully funded in the UK and at the same time wanted to offer the ability to do the same for those interested in Facilities Management training. All courses are industry recognised and there is a long list of courses available.

What I will say though is I am not currently listing them as I wanted to see the response from those interested in undertaking training courses. Your commitment will be home study working online. At the same time being aware that you need to complete the course within a 12 month time period. Currently looking at the BIFM level 4 I am doing I expect to be completed much sooner. Not because I am super smart but I have a break coming up shortly where I can do 20 – 40 hours a week. But some people do these courses with 2 hours a week, which you can see why I would be finishing it much quicker than most.

So you need to commit to doing the course and at the same time being a UK resident in full-time employment. It won’t cost your company a thing and if you are a company interested in training for your employees, you can actually have it labelled as a company course. As I have said already I am a strong believer in training but also if you invest in people it adds value to the employees, but also retains them for longer periods of time.

If your serious about getting on in the Facilities Management industry please drop me a private email and we can discuss your interests. But would also like to add its not all for FM managers I have spoken to several people already who are now starting courses as stepping stones on their career path to becoming FM managers or Technical FM Managers. As often people have the ability and skills but need some paperwork to back it up. Or simply looking to gain the processes and understanding to make the next leap in getting on the career ladder.

If you have any questions or want to know more please email me at Matt@MattWilkie.co.uk