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How To Get A Job As A Surveyor

Matt Wilkie Asset Surveyor

How do I find a job as a surveyor in the UK? Is a question that crops up regularly on LinkedIn and I have to ask why?

Reason being is generally it takes me a couple of days to find my next contract and has done for over a decade.

I can understand people lacking experience struggling as from that perspective it is a hard field to break into. But I would also look at broader options and then work back to Surveying full-time.

For example there is often vacancies involving quotation and management roles within the FM industry. I have worked with some very large companies in the FM Industry including Carillion, Johnson Controls, Integral Services, Mowlem to name a few. Primarily though there is always good people needed. Not always the perfect role you wanted but at worst a starting point and a foot in the door. If your not into Facilities Maintenance I do believe its much harder in the construction industry these days due to the collapse of the market.

I generally stick to service and maintenance contracts which may seem small scale but my last project I worked on was $80 million. Most projects are at least £4million as its the organising, planning and development of FM services I specialise in these days.

But even for housing associations which are normally paying a lower end salary if you can get an interview and show your commitment and interest in the role you may get a look in.

Many people I have come across within social housing have been working towards “Becoming” surveyors and not actually skilled or qualified yet. This alone shows there is a demand within the social housing sector. But adding to that nearly every role I did for social housing had been vacant at least 12 months and the opportunity of permanent working was there if I wanted it.

I would recommend Hays Montrose or Venn Group for work within the social housing market. Both are agencies and both work nationwide. What I would ask though is how serious are you about working in surveying.

Reason being is that I move where the work is and always have, this has given me opportunities to stay in work while others say they can’t find any as well as continuity.