Can anyone do asset surveying?

Matt Wilkie Asset Survey downtown Doha Qatar

Its often an expensive mistake when asset surveying is undertaken without the right people involved. Cost cutting often leads to finding anyone available to carry out the task. This creates long-term issues within contracts as often once the data is loaded people don’t update and correct errors.

But it also means your bid could be wrong, pricing wrong, skill sets of personnel wrong. You could end up with a gas engineer going to fix “heat pumps” on an air conditioning unit because someone unfamiliar with air conditioning and boilers has seen “heat pump” and assumed heating means boilers. The list goes on and on as I have seen contracts without HVAC engineers before due to people misunderstanding the difference between HVAC and Air conditioning engineers. When it comes to cost cutting and showing a client savings you could have fallen at the first hurdle by not creating an accurate asset list.

At the same time people should be aware that selling the value of the asset list to the client may actually recover the costs completely in carrying out the survey.  With a good asset list you can predict lifecycle allowing forward budgeting, energy savings, efficiency changes with new equipment, accurate skillset, identification of failures in current maintenance. Statutory and mandatory compliance in fact a whole host of positive data but it needs to be collected correctly in the first instance.

I have seen contracts where people “available” have been put onto carrying out a survey and the end result is many assets are missing, wrong types added, assets named the wrong items, documents produced being eligible and useless. With tight deadlines it can be impossible to correct which is why I recommend using people who specialise in the Asset Surveying field as although sometimes may seem slightly more expensive than using people you have available already. Long term though you will recover that cost and much more due to high quality data.