Asset Verification Surveyor

Matt Wilkie in Downtown Doha,Qatar

I am an asset verification surveyor and lead manager for asset surveying available for hire as a consultant. But I wanted to discuss today what is Asset Verification and how does this affect a contract.

Firstly I work within the FM industry (Facilities Management) which will often see that maintenance contracts arise and its all based on a set figure which can sometimes be picked out of the sky.

For asset verification though we actually spend time identifying what assets a client owns and the condition they are in. Doesn’t sound so exciting but the fact of the matter is from the information gathered you start to get an accurate value of the contract and the components that need maintaining or replacing.

All in all the asset surveying in the FM industry is a growing enterprise especially with companies looking to extend the life of equipment. Good maintenance will always equal longer life cycle of equipment and poor maintenance will always lead to unexpected and unplanned for breakdowns.

Its part of why I became so passionate about surveying as I can see its long reaching ability to help companies pre-plan upgrades and changes as well as keep on top of things for not only weeks or months but literally years. For the FM company they get a true picture of the value of the contract and both parties get to see the viability of the work and the staff and equipment needed to sustain the contract.