asset surveying handy tips for excel part one

These handy tips aren’t just for asset surveyors but anyone using Excel. But I do find I use most of these on a daily basis as an asset surveyor when manipulating data within an Excel environment. Which is why I am keen to share this information with you.

At first these tips will seem a bit easy if your an advanced user but at the same time if your struggling to get time to learn Excel to a higher level. You will find you’ve just learned 5 new tips in 6 minutes which could save you hours in a short period of time. Every tip is utilised in working with lists within Excel.

The tips are :-

  • Adding a Series of Numbers with the Fill Handle (putting numbers in a sequence one after the other automatically).
  • Continuing a series of numbers or types using the Fill Handle (this is putting things like Fan 1, Fan 2, Fan 3 automatically).
  • How to insert zeros ( 0 ) before any number in Excel (useful for asset numbers such as 004356).
  • How to disable Excel auto number format ( you will find Excel will change things like 1-2 to 1st of February a quick tip will fix that).
  • How to copy and paste by pulling the corner (useful for saving time copying items in mass).