Are surveying jobs becoming harder to find in the recession?

Matt Wilkie Asset Surveyor and FM Manager

In all honesty I think that due to the reduced number of people coming through with relevant qualifications and experience the opportunities have increased.

When I began in building surveying for housing associations I often found many of the staff were lacking relevant skills to carry out the work. They are often internally recruited and as such often struggle in the roles due to a lack of experience. I found many people left due to stress, sickness or in several cases alcohol abuse problems.

All of the above are still relevant today in leaving posts open for those with the right background. Also adding to that often the jobs advertised are of the perfect employee and not from the batch of available people. This is why if your looking for a surveying post I highly recommend going in via an agency on a temporary basis initially as often you may not have their “perfect” requirements at hand.

But once working for them and showing your more than capable of doing the job you will  no doubt get offered a permanent position. Salaries aren’t normally great but its a starting point for many who want to move into other things later on. Also good due to the hours for carrying on with your college course in the evenings which also shows to the company your committed and looking at this as a long-term career move.

What I do find though the salaries between Private and public sector vary considerably and its why I am often found working in the Private sector more than public myself. I do like a mix of both though to be honest as I find that the government work is more varied and you meet a lot of interesting people and problems.

Author – Matt Wilkie.