Matt Wilkie Asset Survey Lead

Asset Surveyor is written by Matt Wilkie to discuss asset surveying, condition surveying, life cycle and other information related to the Facilities Management and asset management industries.

Matt Wilkie has been conducting asset surveys and condition surveys on contracts throughout the UK and parts of the Middle East for almost a decade. Although asset surveying has begun to develop into its own industry Matt Wilkie first began in building surveying for local authorities and progressed into the private sector.

Matt Wilkie is keen on seeing the industry develop and already is witnessing the new wave of surveying with energy and environmental surveys becoming more common. The value of asset surveying, asset management and its impact on business is beginning to champion change in the FM industry. Improving delivery of service, life cycle, improved budgeting and reduced costs. But also with energy and environmental needs and requirements the desire to change the way we work today for a future tomorrow is part and parcel of being a good surveyor and also identifying problems as well as championing solutions.

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